How to visit Canada on business

If you want to visit Canada on business, you’ll need to understand what a business visitor is, what you can do as a business visitor, and what you’ll need to do and bring to enter Canada.
▪︎ What is a business visitor
You’re a business visitor if you:
• come to take part in international business activities without being part of the Canadian labour market
• are visiting Canada temporarily to
   . look for ways to grow your business
   . invest
   . advance your business relationships
Business visitors usually stay in Canada for a few days or a few weeks, but are able to stay for up to 6 months.
▪︎ How to show you’re a business visitor
To qualify as a business visitor to Canada, you must show that:
• you plan to stay for less than 6 months
• you don’t plan to enter the Canadian labour market
• your main place of business and source of income and profits is outside Canada
• you have documents that support your application
• you meet Canada’s basic entry requirements, because you
    . have a valid travel document, such as a passport
    . have enough money for your stay and to return home
    . plan to leave Canada at the end of your visit
    . are not a criminal, security or health risk to Canadians
☆ Note: If you plan to stay for more than 6 months, or plan to work in Canada, you may be considered a temporary worker and have to apply for a work permit.
▪︎ Types of activities
Activities you may conduct as a business visitor include:
• buying Canadian goods or services for a foreign business or government
• taking orders for goods or services
• going to meetings, conferences, conventions or trade fairs
• giving after-sales service as part of a warranty or sales agreement
• being trained by a Canadian parent company that you work for outside Canada
• training employees of a Canadian branch of a foreign company
• being trained by a Canadian company that has sold you equipment or services
انضم معنا للصفحة الرئيسية للتحضير لاختبار للجنسية الكندية عبر الرابط التالي:
Under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement, a U.S. or Mexican national may also take part in other activities, such as research, marketing and general services. For more information, see the Global Affairs Canada website.
▪︎ What you need to enter Canada
If you’re a business visitor, you need either a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to come to Canada. You may also need to provide your fingerprints and photo (biometrics) if applying for a visitor visa.
Find out if you need an eTA or a visitor visa
Business visitors and business people are not the same. Business people come to do work in Canada under a free trade agreement. Learn more about business people.
▪︎ What to bring with you to Canada
Make sure that you have the following documents when you arrive at the border (don’t pack them in your suitcase):
• a passport or travel document that is valid for your entire stay
• a valid visitor visa, if applicable
• if you need an eTA, you must travel using the same passport you used in your application
• letters of support from your parent company and a letter of invitation from the Canadian host business or a Letter of Recognition from the Canada Border Services Agency
• other documents such as warranty or service agreements, or contracts, if relevant to your visit
• 24-hour contact details of your business host in Canada
• proof that you have enough money for both your stay in Canada and your return home
Government of Canada

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