Why can’t I see my application status in the Client Application Status tool?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to see your case status in the Client Application Status (CAS) tool.
▪︎ We haven’t started processing your application
Your status will only show once we start processing your application. There’s a delay between the date we receive your application and the date we open and process it.
▪︎ The tool doesn’t support your application type
The CAS tool can’t see all application types. You may need to check your status a different way.
For example, if you applied
- online, sign in to your account to check your status
- for an electronic travel authorization (eTA), check using the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Status tool
. see also: What to do if you haven’t received any emails about your eTA
- on paper, you may be able to link your application to your online account
▪︎ We removed your application from the tool
After we make a decision, we eventually remove your application from the CAS tool. The length of time depends on the type of application.
- Permanent resident applications: 180 days after you arrive in Canada
- Permanent resident card applications: 30 days after you get your card
- Citizenship applications: 180 days after we make a decision
- Visa applications: 365 days after you were refused, you withdrew or your application expired
▪︎ You entered the wrong personal information
Make sure the information you enter matches your passport or identity documents.
▪︎ There is a temporary technical issue 
You won’t be able to access online services if there’s system maintenance.
▪︎ You’re using a web browser we don’t support 
Try using
. Internet Explorer
. Firefox
. Safari
. Chrome
انضم معنا للصفحة الرئيسية للتحضير لاختبار للجنسية الكندية عبر الرابط التالي
▪︎ You’re not the sponsor or principal applicant on the application
For sponsorship applications, you can only check the application status for your part of the application.
. The sponsor can only see the sponsorship part of the application
. The person being sponsored can only see the permanent residence part of the application
If you’re a sponsor and want to check the status of the person you’re sponsoring, you must first request access to their information.
▪︎ The information was changed on your sponsorship application
If you were able to see the status of your sponsorship application but no longer can, find out why.
▪︎ You appealed a decision on your sponsorship application
Because the appeal process is complex, CAS doesn’t show the status of an appeal for a refused family class application. This is true whether the appeal was filed by the sponsor or by the person being sponsored. The sponsor will get a letter about the status of the appeal.

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