Voter Information Card/Canadian Days

If you're registered, you should receive a voter information card in the mail by September 10. It tells you where and when you can vote. If the name and address on your card are correct and you meet the eligibility criteria stated on the card, you're ready to vote. Bring this card with you, along with accepted ID, to make the voting process easier when you go to vote.
If you don't get your voter information card or if the information on it is incorrect, you may not be registered or your registration may not be up to date. You can register or update your information, including your name, at your assigned polling station on election day.
You can use the Online Voter Registration Service to print a registration certificate, if:
- you are not yet registered or
- your address needs to be updated.
This certificate is not required to register in person at the polls and is offered only if the service can associate your address with a polling division (within a riding).
You should bring a printed copy of the registration certificate, and sign it only at your polling station in front of the poll worker who is processing your registration.
Get more detailed information in the FAQs on voting and the voter information card.
Elections Canada 

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